AACSB Faculty Classification

Spotlight Feature

Many Business Schools use a points-based classification policy to classify faculty into the AACSB Faculty Categories (SA, PA, SP, and IP, A). Such a policy is a demonstration of evidence-based management, and is often perceived to be the fairest and most transparent way to classify.

At the same time, operating a points-based policy is complicated and error-prone, especially when the business school is large and complex. In addition, it is not very resilient to change, in the sense that all computations must be performed again as soon as the faculty profile changes, or when the School changes the parameters of its policy.

The Accredinator offers a flexible way to implement any classification policy. It offers the option to enable multiple classification policies, to adjust points for activities on the spot without changing anything else, and to override any classifications where necessary. All this alone will save the accreditation office weeks of work.

The video below is a demonstration of the classification feature.