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Dealing with multiple business school accreditations can be challenging, as each of these accreditations requires complex compliance reporting. The format of these tables and reports is similar in nature (i.e., faculty and publications) yet they are uniquely different in their specifics.

With Accredinator, you manage one underlying database with an easy to use interface. The database contains exactly the data needed for each accreditation. Update this database once (for example, change the position of a faculty member) and all tables from all accreditations are also all automatically updated. Tables are downloadable in Word and Excel, giving you maximum flexibility.


Accreditation Panels and Peer Review Teams often spot inconsistencies between tables in accreditation reports: why is the number of publications in Table X different from the number of publications in Table Y? How come Faculty A is included in Table X but not in Table Y?

Whilst individually these little consistency errors may do little harm, together they undermine the credibility of the underlying data, and ultimately they cast doubt on the conclusions that are made on the basis of this data.

With the Accredinator the entire set of tables is generated from one underlying database: everything is consistent and not a single faculty or publication is out of place. 

Tablet Design
Examining New Tablet


One simple, secure platform to manage reliable and consistent data records. With Accredinator, you can be confident that you’ve got your numbers right from top to bottom.

It can be an overwhelming task to prepare your applications in the face of different accreditation requirements, changing standards and the continuous organisational change every school goes through.

Our "one database - many accreditations" approach to data management ensures uniform, credible presentation, and updates instantly to reflect changing information across the board. It’ll even highlight and help you resolve potential issues and inconsistencies.

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