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We offer three simple plans: the Accredinator Foundations plan, perfect for business schools just starting out, and the Accredinator Pro and Pro Max plans, for schools with established accreditations in place.
Please see below for an overview of the benefits of each plan.


Perfect for Schools Starting Out

  • Detailed Faculty Analytics

  • Detailed Publication Analytics

  • Detailed Partner Analytics

  • Support for AACSB Profile Sheet

  • Support for AACSB Standard 3 (Faculty), including Table 3-1 and 3-2
  • Support for AACSB Standard 8 (Research), including Table 8-1

  • Auto-classification of AACSB Faculty Categories (SA, PA, etc.)

  • Visual AACSB Table 3-1 Simulations

  • Support for EQUIS Datasheet

  • Support for EQUIS Self-Assessment Report

  • Auto-classification of EQUIS Faculty Categories (Core, Adjunct, etc.)

  • Support for EFMD Accredited Datasheet

  • Support for AMBA Faculty Table

  • Support for AABS Accreditation Reports

  • Auto-generated resumes (CVs) for base rooms, organized alphabetically

  • Up to 10 licensed users


For Schools with More Complex Accreditation Needs

All benefits of the Foundations plan, plus the following:

  • Support for AACSB Standard 1 (Strategic Planning)

  • Support for AACSB Standard 2 (Resources)

  • Support for AACSB Standard 5 (Assurance of Learning), including Table 5-1

  • Support for AACSB Standard 9 (Impact), including Table 9-1

  • Support for PRME Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) reports

  • Impact Analytics

  • Support for managing Strategic Initiatives

  • Support for UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Reporting

  • Map the SDG interest and/or SDG expertise of faculty

  • Auto-mapping of Publications to SDGs using curated keyword matches

  • Instant SDG visualizations of your School using SDG "Flower Charts"

  • Auto-cluster your faculty based on their SDG interest or expertise: great for SDG-themed away days or strategy sessions

  • Integration with ORCID: Download publications from ORCID using the ORCID identifiers of your faculty, and import seamlessly into Accredinator

  • (Optional) Extra user pack - quoted separately


For Advanced Accreditation Management

All benefits of the Pro plan, plus the following:

  • Access to the Accredinator API (Application Programming Interface). Our industry-standard API catalog features over 180 fully secured API calls to help automate your data management flow.

  • Use the API to build real-time interfaces with other School systems, eg. existing research repositories, or existing faculty HR systems.

  • Use the API to build your own unique and innovative applications.

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